At the end of the 19th century, in the heart of Burgundy in Savigny les Beaune, a passionate and idealistic wine producer Léonce Bocquet (who was the owner of the well-known Chateau Clos de Vougeot and a part of the vineyards, at the same time) has built those constructions to do the vinification and the aging of wines from his different wineries. That’s why Charles Suisse (famous architect of the period and professor at Ecole des beaux arts) was asked to create an original and massive edifice. His imagination has composed those buildings with usual colours in the region, was recognized by all as the most attractive and majestic from the wine world of Burgundy. The construction has lasted 8 years but change in a certain way by its unique trace, Cote de Beaune’s face.

      After Léonce Boquet’s death, the winery has had many different owners, till the Swiss familial group Schenk, one the European leader on the wine market and spread out in main wine countries, bought it in 1964. Henri de Villamont was established at this moment.

        Between the creation of the house in 1964 and 2004, Schenk has developed the activity of its Burgundian branch to finally produce more than 20 million bottles. In 2004, tired of running after this huge volume add to the necessity of giving back the jam position of the estate, Schenk’s family decided to break off from his negocian activity.

        This decision has been followed very fast by an important politic of technical invests: the winerie has been completely renovated and redesigned in order to provide the best oenological tools, with high performance and efficiency.

          All those commercial, technical and qualitative changes have given the decrease of the production from the estate: 20 million bottles in 2004 to reach 350 000 today. There are all originate from the large Burgundy : Cote maconnaise to Chablis.